February 27, 2024

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Welcome to Legal Advisors Nepal

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“Ignorance of Law is NO Excuse”.

LegalAdvisorsNepal.com is a website created to exchange information about Nepal Law, Constitution of Nepal, Lawyers, Legal Practitioners and Law scholars.

We aim to exchange information through this website to everyone so that legal remedy can be taken when needed very easily.

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6 thoughts on “Welcome to Legal Advisors Nepal

  1. Hi, this is a some nice site in Nepal where you have information sharing on Nepal Law in general terms. Please update more information to this.

  2. hi i am married to a nepali but the marriage took place in other country,is it valid in nepal?if my husband got married again,can i sue him?what can i get out of it?

    1. It actually depends on how your case is litigated. As per my knowledge, things that you can prove is always favoring you. Means, if you have proof of marriage, you can definitely look for remedy. However, judgement depends on several other factors. Please provide more details on your current marriage so that I can give you more details on it.

    2. Hello Angelica,
      I had a quick review for your case and found that as per law of Nepal you can press following charges against your husband.
      1. Fraud: You can press charges against him for cheating on you. This will help you get divorce and press criminal charges against him for multiple marriages.
      2. Remedy: You can claim property and compensation.

  3. I have few questions regarding divorce. Can you help me answer it? Is it ok to communicate here?

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