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Lottery Rules in Nepal

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Lottery Rules, 2027 (1971) Date of Publication in the Nepal Gazette  2027/10/5 (Jan. 18, 1971).The Government of Nepal having exercised the power conferred by the Lottery Act, 2025 (1968) has promulgated the following Rules.

1. Short Title and Commencement:

(1) These Rules may be called ”  Lottery Rules, 2027 (1971) “.
(2) These Rules shall come into force immediately.

2. Definition: Unless the subject or context means otherwise, in these
Rules, Act means the Lottery Act, 2025 (1968)
3. Tendering an Application for Permission to Open Lottery:

(1) A person or organization intending to open lottery under subrule (1) of Section 3 of the Act shall tender an application in the format prescribed in the schedule having enclosed 2 copies of sample of lottery to the Ministry of Home Panchayat Through the Local Zonal Commissioner requesting for approval of the Government.
(2) The Zonal Commissioner, upon reception of application under sub-rule (1), shall make necessary inquiry in regard to the application and forward the same along with his view to the Ministry of Home Panchayat.
(3) The Ministry of Home Panchayat, upon reception of application along with the view of the Zonal Commissioner under sub rule (2), may grant permission to the applicant to open lottery.
(4) Notwithstanding anything written in sub-rule (2) and (3), the Zonal Commissioner may grant permission to the applicant to open lottery on part of a lottery to be opened only in the place like public show, club or society.

4. To Inform Incase of Change in Prize: The person or organization intending to open lottery in case of change in the prize of lottery under Section 4 of the Act, shall inform the local Zonal Commissioner prior to opening the lottery by mentioning the statement of lotteries sold up to the date of closing of sale and the lottery not sold and the quantity of prize to be obtained on the pro rata basis of the sold lottery within 7 days of close of sale of lottery.

5. To Forward the Statement of Lottery: The person organization opening the lottery, shall furnish all the statement including the sold and unsold lottery, name of the winners of distributed prize, serial number of the winner lotteries, content of change in the prize if any etc. to the Local Zonal Commissioner.

6. To Depute Officer: The Zonal Commissioner, for the purpose of making arrangement of opening the lottery, shall depute an officer and necessary staff to assist him in the time of opening the lottery.

7. Approval of Zonal Commissioner to be Obtained: In case of necessary to make any change in the date or place prescribed in the copy of lottery, the change may be made by obtaining permission of the Local Zonal Commissioner.

8. To Be Published the Result of Lottery: After opening the lottery, the number of lottery of winner and name also if available should be published in the papers as soon as possible.

9. Audit: Audit of income and expenditure of all the lotteries other than the lottery obtained approval under sub-rule (4) of rule 3 should be made from the Local Zonal Commissioner Office.

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