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Marriage Registration Act

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Marriage Act is an Act made to provide for the Registration of Marriage.

Preamble: Whereas, it is expedient to provide for legal provisions to conclude the marriage through registration and to register the marriage to provide legal certainty as per the need of the changing society,
Be it enacted by His Majesty’s King Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev with the advise and consent of Rastriya Panchayat.

Marriage through Registration
Marriage may be concluded: Except otherwise prohibited to get marriage pursuant to prevailing law, the following male and female may conclude marriage pursuant to this Act,-
(a) In case any of the male or female does not have husband or wife,
(b) In case one of the male or female has not gone mad, and
 (c) In case both the male and female have completed the age of twenty years.

Application for Marriage:
(1) The male and female, who are interested to conclude a marriage under this Act, shall submit an application at least fifteen
days earlier, in a prescribed format before the Marriage Registration Officer.
(2) To submit an application pursuant to Sub-section (1), both the male or female or one of them must have resided in the area (jurisdiction) of the concerned Marriage Registration Officer, since at least fifteen days before to submit such application.

Marriage Application Detail Register:
(1) The Marriage Registration Officer shall maintain the detail of the application, received pursuant to Section 5, in the marriage application detail register so prescribed and shall also keep the application in the official record. Such application detail register shall be shown to
the person interested to inspect the register without charging any fees.
(2) The Marriage Registration Officer shall make a decision regarding whether or not to conclude the marriage, within seven days upon receiving the application pursuant to Section 5.
(3) In case, the Marriage Registration Officer denies to conclude the proposed marriage, for finding it in against of the prevailing law, any of the
 Officer has been designated by a Notification of 2028.8.17.

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4 thoughts on “Marriage Registration Act

  1. Hello,
    Thank you for lovely article. It surely is helpful, however, can you explain in basic on where to start? I want to register my marriage in Nepal as a non-citizen of Nepal.

    1. Yes, you can if it is not very private or personal to you. All these discussions and cases shall also educate other peoples.

  2. Dear Sir I am nepali muslim My marriage is not registered and my wife accept divorce according to islamic law and she and there family member not allowing me to get in touch with my only son if I force them they threat me to file case against me for harassment and take share in my property according to nepali laws.what i need to do kindly suggest me.

    1. Dear Saleem,
      Sorry to hear about your issue. Even divorce in some community is accepted by Nepalese Law. As per Nepalese law, you wife can always claim for alimony or property share from you for her and child and court will also give you legal divorce under such circumstances. They can not stop you from seeing your child. You can always look for legal remedy for this. Consult a local lawyer for more details.

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