May 24, 2024

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Nepal Bar Association

Nepal Bar Association (NBA) was established in December 21st 1956. At that time, legal education in Nepal was in primitive stage. Thus, most of the lawyers were licensed on the basis of their experience in the legal field and without any academic qualification in law. Gradually, afterward law graduates from the universities started replacing traditional lawyers and now a days most of the member lawyers are with formal academic degrees from the universities. In its preliminary stage NEBA was functional without formal registration and formally in the year 1963 His majestys Government of Nepal registered it as a professional organization under the provision of National Guidance Act 1961.

Previously the Supreme Court of Nepal was the authority to issue a practicing license. Moreover, Disciplinary Committee of the Supreme Court of Nepal was responsible for any kind of disciplinary action against lawyers. As a result of continued effort of NEBA in the year 1993 Nepal Bar Council Act was evolved and Nepal Bar Council composed under provision of above act has full authority for issuing license to lawyers and to take disciplinary action against any lawyer. Bar Council Act 1993 has recognized NEBA and Vice-president of Bar Council is President of NEBA. Additionally, most of the Members of Bar Council are nominated/elected amongst members of NEBA. Legal Aid Act -1997 has also recognized NEBA. Government sponsored legal aid activities are also to be conducted through NEBA. Central Legal Aid Committee, a statutory body, chaired by HMG Minister of Law and Justice, comprises president of NEBA as ex officio member and secretary of NEBA as ex officio member-secretary. Thus NEBA is not only a professional organization but also a statutorily recognized institution having responsibility of performing some legally specified duties.

Nepal Bar Association is the federal organization of Nepalese practicing Lawyers. The Central Executive Committee (CEC) is the supreme executive body of it, which is popularly known as NEBA. Direct voting of all members elects Central Executive Committee. In addition to CEC, NEBA has 89 units, spread all over the country. Composition of such units are based upon structure of courts. The CEC has 25 officials containing President – 1, Vice-President – 8, Secretary-General – 1, Treasurer – 1 and Members – 14.