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Rajya Rajauta (Petty States and Rulers) Act, 2017 (1961)

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1. State Principality (Amendment) Act, 2019(1963)                                                2. Act Amending, Repealing,and Re managing and Continuing Some Nepal Acts, 2019 (1963)      3. State Principality (Second Amendment) Act, 2024(1967)                                   4. State Principality (Third Amendment) Act, 2044(1987)                                   5. Republic Strengthening and Some Nepal Laws Amendment Act, 2066(2010)2066.10.7(21 Jan. 2010)

Whereas, it is expedient to make timely provisions in relation to states and principalities of kings with a view to maintaining cordial relations between the people of different classes, occupations or regions3 by further consolidating the national unity forged by His Majesty King Prithvi Narayan Shah Dev. Now, therefore, His Majesty the King has made this Act in accordance with Article 93 of the Constitution of Nepal.

1. Short title, extension and commencement:

(1) This Act may be called as “State Principalities Act, 2017 (1961)”.

(2) It shall extend to the whole of ……. Nepal.

(3) It shall come into force immediately.

2. Termination of state principalities:

(1) All states existing within
…………… Nepal until the previous day of the date of the commencement of this Act are hereby terminated.

(2) Upon the commencement of this Act, no person shall be entitled to exercise any power in the capacity of any such state principality.

5. State land revenue to be converted into government land revenue:

(1) The land revenue offices of the states terminated pursuant to this Act are hereby converted into the land revenue offices of the Government of Nepal, and the documents relating to such state held in such revenue offices shall be considered as the documents of the Government of Nepal.

(2) Until another order of the Government of Nepal, the land revenue offices as referred to in Sub-section (1) shall do all acts as required to be done for the recovery of revenue as usual, for the Government of Nepal.

6. Worshipping trust may be maintained:

Notwithstanding anything contained elsewhere in this Act, where any state principalities maintained pursuant to the then laws have conducted or caused to be conducted worshipping at any Devalaya, shrines, temples until the lastday of the month of Chaitra of the year 2064(2007), except where separate source of income has been provided for the operation of such Devalaya, shrines, temples, the Trust Corporation (Guthi Sansthan) established pursuant to the prevailing law shall make provision for making necessary expenses for the operation of worshipping trust from
the incomes of State Trust as usual, as per the order issued by the Government of Nepal, for the operation of the worshipping having been conducted at such Devalaya, shrines, temples.

7. Repeal

The Acts, Sawals and other deeds existed until the previous day of the commencement of this Act in relation to the states and state principalities within………..12 Nepal shall be deemed to be repealed or amended in a manner to be consistent with this Act.

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