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Marriage Registration in Nepal

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Under Section 68 of National Civil Code 2074 B.S., marriage is a permanent, inviolable, and holy social as well as legal bond between a man and a woman based on free consent established in order to start conjugal life between them.

This article will help you learn how marriage registration or registering of marriage is done in Nepal.

Process of Marriage Registration

  1. Marriage registration through court (“Court Marriage”)
  2. Marriage registration of couple who are already married through a social/ religious rituals through local ward offices.
  3. Marriage Registration through Embassy or Consulate Offices

Is it must to register a marriage in Nepal?

Yes, it is must to register a marriage in Nepal. Chapter of Marriage of Civil Code No. 73 clearly says that marriage should be compulsory registered either before court or before the concerned authority ( i.e. ward office or at Embassy of Nepal/Consulate Office). The authority should provide the marriage registration certificate within 15 days of submission of the application.

Court Marriage in Nepal

Court marriage is applicable for such couples who are looking to get married legally and have not undergone traditional marriage. Court marriage can be done by submitting and application to District Court of Nepal along with the documents as mentioned below

  1. Application of registration – 1 set of original
  2. Passport size photo of couple – 10 pieces
  3. Photocopy of citizenship – 1 set
  4. Letter from the ward office of female and male stating the male and female are single (unmarried or divorced) – 1 set original
  5. Letter of the residing country that the foreigner doesn’t have any criminal record (only required for foreign nationals) – 1 Copy
  6. No objection letter provided by the government authority of foreign country or concerned embassy in Nepal that the foreigner is unmarried or divorcee (only required for foreign nationals) – 1 copy

Marriage Certificate through Ward Office in Nepal

Marriage Certificate can be issued through Ward Offices in Nepal as well. It is applicable to such couples who have undergone traditional marriage. They need to present evidence for marriage registration (such as Photos, Video, Marriage Invitation Card etc), witnesses. This is simplest and easiest means of getting a marriage certificate.

Marriage Registration through Embassy or Consulate Offices

Marriage registration can also be done through Embassy or Consulate Offices of Nepal. This method of getting marriage certificate is applicable to such Nepalese residing abroad. However, this provision is not much seen in practice.

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