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Inquiry Commission (Terms and Conditions of Service of the Members) Rules, 2051 (1994)

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Inquiry Commission (Terms and Conditions of
Service of the Members) Rules, 2051 (1994)

Date of Publication in the Nepal Gazette 2051/2/12 (May 26, 1994)
The Government of Nepal, having exercised the power conferred by Section 12 of the Inquiry Commission Act, 2026 (1969), has framed the following Rules:

1. Short Title and Commencement:

(1) These Rules may be called as “Inquiry Commission (Terms and Conditions of Service of the
(3) The Chairperson of the Commission constituted by the Government of Nepal under Sub-section (2) of Section 3 of the Act shall take an oath of office and secrecy before the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court or the Justice of the Supreme Court specified by him/her  and the other members before the Chairperson.

4. Conduct to be Followed:

(1) The member shall comply with the conduct mentioned in these Rules.
(2) Failure of a member to comply with the conduct mentioned in  these Rules shall be deemed his/her failure to comply with the conduct of his/her post.

5. National Interest is to be Given Top Priority:

The Member shall  accomplish his/her duty in a truthful and honest manner by avoiding the vested interest of religion, caste, gender, ethnicity, community or area.

6. Not to be Made Adverse Effect on the Function or Prestige:

The Member shall not commit any act by causing adverse effect on the  function of the Commission or prestige of the members.

7. To be Held the Duty with Resoluteness:

The Member while accomplishing his/her duty shall act with resoluteness by applying his/her knowledge and conscience without being under influence of any one’s fear, terror or incentive.

8. To be Remained Free from the External Influence:

The Member shall accomplish his/her responsibility being free from the external  influence without any greed or partiality.

9. Not to be Disclosed the Secrecy:

The Member shall not inform  anything or make available any other related matter to any one in such a way to cause obstruction in the affairs of the Commission or disclose the secrecy of the Commission.

10. Not to be Embezzled the Amount:

The Member shall not embezzle the amount obtained for the expenses of the affairs of the Commission.

11. Not to be Taken an Undue Advantage:

The Member shall not  commit any act to take undue advantage under influence of his/her post.

12. Not to be Got Done the Restricted Function from Others:

Effort to do any function restricted by these Rules should not be made, it should not be got made from the other and other person also should not  be encouraged to do so.

13. Remuneration and Emolument:

The remuneration and emolument of the Member shall be as prescribed in the time of formation of the Commission.

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